Thank you for your interest in commissioning me for your next author/book marketing campaign! Click the START button below to fill out the form.
After clicking the SUBMIT button, please wait for an e-mail that acknowledges your order/purchase. Nothing is final until we've properly negotiated our terms, so don't worry about incurring any kind of charge just by filling out this form. ^_^
Friendly Reminder: My designs depend largely on photos and typography. I DON'T do illustrations. If you need illustrations for your graphics, I'm not the right person for the job, sorry!

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*Graphics per package need not be a one-time deal. You can decide whether to use up all the graphics in one package for one marketing campaign (i.e. new book release), or do it "installment-style" (i.e. 2 graphics for one release, the rest for the next, etc.). Should you choose to do the latter, you will still be required to pay in full as soon as the first batch of graphics are released.

**All graphics will be released to client in JPG or PNG format, depending on client's preference. Should client need the raw file, an additional fee will be charged.

When do you need your artwork by? *

Please note that I would need AT LEAST ONE WEEK lead time for artwork commissions. This will include discussions with you, my client, regarding your preferences/suggestions. 

Please also note that work will not start until payment (downpayment or full) has been made.
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Please let me know your specifications/preferences below.

Include, if applicable, the color scheme/s you want for your artwork, links to image pegs or images you want me to use. This is still subject to discussion/negotiation.

Please don't forget to include a link to download your book cover if you want me to use it on your artwork.

If you selected a CUSTOM package above, here's where you can tell me what you want me to help you with.
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